How to Clean Your Hardwood Floors

When you are cleaning your hardwood flooring, it is important that you know how to remove stains. There are two main ways that you can do this. One is by using a penetrating finish, and the other is by using a surface finish. Which is better for you depends on your personal preferences.

Surface finishes vs penetrating finishes

When you are deciding whether you want to use surface finishes or penetrating finishes for cleaning hardwood floors, you should consider their benefits and drawbacks. Generally, surface finishes are water-resistant and easy to maintain, while penetrating finishes require more care and maintenance.

Penetrating finishes are used to penetrate the wood, revealing the natural grain. They also provide a low-gloss sheen. However, they do not offer the same high gloss and durability as polyurethane. This means that they need to be reapplied periodically.

The downside of penetrating finishes is that they have a tendency to saturate the pores of the wood, which may lead to scratches and damage. Penetrating finishes also have a tendency to require more frequent maintenance than surface finishes. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the beautiful look of a classic hardwood floor.

Dr. Bronner’s

One of the easiest natural ways to clean hardwood floors is by using castile soap. This is a soap derived from hemp oil and coconut oil, and it can be used to remove dirt, stains, and food stains from your hardwood floors.

Castile soap works especially well when mixed with water to form a grease-catching solution. The solution can then be wiped with a microfiber mop to achieve a shine on your wood floor.

One of the most important things to remember when cleaning your wood floors is to avoid standing water. Standing water can cause scratches and damage to your floor. It is better to use a dry mop instead of a wet one.

Sweeping your floor is also an important step. This will get rid of debris and dust. You can also purchase a handheld vacuum to remove dirt.

Microfibre mops

Microfibre mops are the best type of mop to use for cleaning hardwood floors. They are lightweight, durable, and easy to maintain. These mops are also a great way to save money and help the environment.

Microfiber mops are great for cleaning hard surfaces such as hardwood, concrete, and linoleum. They have the ability to remove over 99% of bacteria. However, they do require some maintenance to keep them in good shape.

Depending on the manufacturer, a microfiber mop may come with a built-in spray nozzle or not. You can either dip the mop head into a bucket of water, or you can use a reusable cleaning solution.

Unlike traditional mops, microfiber mop heads feature a 360-degree swivel that allows you to easily navigate around obstacles. Its squeegee-like shape also helps it to grip soils more effectively.

Furniture sliders

Furniture sliders are a great tool to help you move heavy items. They make it possible to keep furniture from scuffing floors, and also protect your back from moving it. There are many different kinds of sliders to choose from, and the best option is the one that fits your needs.

Felt-bottomed sliders are ideal for tile and vinyl floors. Plastic-bottomed sliders are good for carpeted floors. To clean a furniture slider, remove it from the floor and wash it off with soap and water. If you have to remove it from your floor, it’s a good idea to use a clean towel.

Smart Surface sliders are designed to move any type of furniture. This includes chairs, tables, and even appliances. You can keep them under your frequently moved items, and they’re durable enough to be used over and over again.

Buffing by hand

Buffing hardwood flooring is a simple and affordable way to improve the look of your hardwood floors. When done properly, buffing can remove small scratches and dents from your floors and add shine to them. But if your floors have deeper scratches, they may need to be sanded and refinished.

Before you start, you need to clean the floor thoroughly. This is best done using a soft cloth and warm water. Avoid dragging furniture over the floor. Also, use a fan to dry the surface. You should allow at least one hour for your floors to dry.

To buff, you should use a buffing pad or a buffing machine. Both of these are available at discount stores and hardware shops. Make sure you have the right pad for your floor.

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